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  who needs the DA service. consumers of design. These are customers: companies, agencies, private individuals, production, etc ... Designers. They are designers: creative professionals, creating a design of goods, devices, advertising, sites, applications, programs ... (anything)  
  The service ranks the non-rooted scope of design, using an intelligent human-machine algorithm on the basis of the theory of social interaction and improving complex systems.  
  Algorithm. The purpose of the algorithm is to objectify the evaluation of creative work. As in any other professional sphere, professionals evaluate the work of professionals. Each professional has his own earned coefficient of adequacy, which affects the weight of the assessment of this professional in the final result of the evaluated work.  
  Be polite in your comments. Do not skimp on both praise and constructive criticism. Do not use mate. adequately evaluate other people work and other people assessments. We try to unite DA professionals from all over the world, so it will not be boring. There are no analogue of DA. The ranking algorithm has an internal protection against wrapping in any direction (both up and down). On DA there is no opportunity to buy a rating, it can only be earned by excellent work and adequate assessments.  
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