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  Find out your level of professionalism as a designer. Web, Graphic, UIUX, Packaging, Industrial.  
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Thanks to the service DigitalArtists, I found out what a cool and at the same time crap designer I am.
  astranaft.jd Summarized rating:  4.54   Chart position:  1   
In some cases, the work that I considered excellent, turned out so-so, and vice versa, passage works received a high professional assessment. I've got a new objective look at what kind of professional I am. I like how my portfolio looks on DigitalArtists. There is no need to pay any money to put my work on this service, and, naturally, I deleted all the works that scored a low total rating from the showcase. Now my clients see only my actually better works, which helps me to win their professional trust. Often in the evening before going to sleep, lying in bed with the phone, I appreciate other people's works and ratings. It is both fun and incidentally earns local service virtual credits. I see how other designers work. In ordinary life, I did not look much what other designers do, it is just too lazy for me. On DigitalArtists I unwittingly spend my own professional education program. I realized at what points in my work worth paying close attention to become more demanded and highly paid designer. I did not see another similar to DigitalArtists service, because all the ratings depend only on my professional level and no anything else here. Money can't raise the rating, and local virtual currency is easy to earn. It only uses to put my work on the rating process.

Alexei   Dobrovolski  
  Has Your customer ever told you, that a good design that you did is a peace of SHIT? With the help of DigitalArtists you can defend your design by sharing its independent high rating to the customer. At least, now you have objective arguments in the matter of protecting your work.  
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Rate several other people's works and ratings in order to earn the necessary amount of Digital Artists credits for putting your first work on the court of other designers.

Repeat step 2 until you form a comprehensive portfolio of your works. You can remove any of your work with a bad aggregate rating from the portfolio.
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